Nathan Anthony

Folio U Shaped Multi-Chaise Sectional

$19,552.00 USD
Material: folio option 1

The Folio collection makes an elegant style statement in both modern and contemporary decors. With its trapezoidal-shaped arms and pillowy cushions, Folio floats on stately architectural metal legs, creating a sense of space and airiness around the room. The Folio collection comes in three luxurious velvet colors, four top grain leather colors and three subtle linen textured fabrics, as well as polished chrome feet.


Seat Height 16 Seat Depth 22 Arm Width 4-8 Arm Height 24.5 Overall Height 28

134 x 163 x 134 x 38

2 - 96 x 38 rsb bumper sofas with return,  1 - 96 x 38 lsb bumper sofa with return, 1-67 x 38 lsb Bumper loveseat with return

Lead Time:   

The Folio U Shaped Multi-Chaise Sectional is made to order.  Lead time is 9 to 11 weeks from time of order to pick up for shipping.  A more specific lead time will be given within 2 business days of order.  Shipping is generally about 2 weeks.  White glove delivery is included.


The Folio line comes standard with Trillium Fill, an alternative to feather and down fill. Trillium is comprised of man-made polyester fibers that mimic the feel of down. The benefits to this insert are that the cushions are denser, retain shape memory better, have a loftier appearance and are hypoallergenic. 

Seat Cushions –HR foam 2.5lb core is sandwiched and wrapped in a trillium envelope. The foam core offers additional support and helps the cushion keep its shape.  

Back cushions - Made of 100% trillium.  

Pillows - 100% trillium.

10 - 24 x 21 back cushions, 4 - 20 x 17 boxed pillows, and 3 - 17 x 12 boxed pillow

Material Options:

Option 1 - Perry cloud velvet body with Bright Cube aqua and Tetrus granite pillows
Option 2 - Perry cloud velvet body with Sarah/S hematite and Tetrus granite pillows
Option 3 - Perry Apple velvet body with Oliver/S Crema pillows
Option 4 - Perry Indigo velvet body with Tetrus blue and Oliver crema pillows
Option 5 - Tetrus granite linen textured fabric body with Angles citrine and Bailey charcoal pillows

Option 6 - Tetrus granite linen textured fabric body with Sara ice and Bailey/S charcoal pillows
Option 7 - Tetrus flint linen textured fabric body with Emerse cloud and Sugar lead pillows
Option 8 - Tetrus Cloud linen textured body with Sara ice and Bailey/S charcoal pillows
Option 9 - Royalton Ivory leather body with Sugar lead and Emerse cloud pillows
Option 10 - Romanza black leather body with Jeffe/S silver and Sarah hematite pillows
Option 11 - Romanza walnut leather body with Jeffe/S linen and Bailey chocolate pillows
Option 12 - Romanza oak leather body with Bailey/S chocolate and Jeffe/S Linen pillows

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