About Us


Willow & Albert Home allows you to personalize your interior environment from the comfort of your own home.  Willow & Albert Home offers clients a unique collection of custom-made modern furnishings that reflects your desire for high quality, distinct design and excellent craftsmanship.  Willow & Albert Home was created by Lester Katz, owner and creative director.  Over the years, customers, friends and colleagues lamented the lack of an easy way to navigate website featuring beautiful contemporary furniture of the highest quality.  Willow & Albert Home is his answer to that demand.  Here, you will find a thoughtful collection of distinctive furnishings that balance high style with comfort and luxury.  


From sectionals to lighting, and everything in between, you will find exactly what you are looking for to realize your vision. Willow & Albert Home presents a carefully curated selection of furnishings sourced from around the globe.  Drawing upon his deep understanding of the interior design market, Lester Katz works closely with a small group of accomplished craftsmen and manufacturers on selecting furnishings.  He then carefully identifies a range of exceptional fabrics and leathers that complement each work.  At the forefront of home furnishings, Willow & Albert Home offers our clients access to exceptional product lines. 


Unlike other online stores, most of the furniture at Willow & Albert is custom made to order.  Because of our commitment to quality, we provide you with white glove service at no additional cost so that each piece arrives at your home and is carefully unpackaged and professionally installed where you want it.  And as we discover new and exciting products we will be sure to let you know so that you can continue to personalize your interiors.

About Lester Katz

Lester has been in the interior design business for two decades and is a world traveler, amateur chef, and active participant in cultural activities and social justice causes.  He believes in good modern design that is accessible, comfortable, luxurious with an emphasis on texture, color and geometry.