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Allie Desk

Allie Desk

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Size: 78.74 x 31.5 x 29.53
Material: Berlin Ebony Leather / Smoked Oak Matte Wood / Gold Matte Metal


Allie desk is a clever storage solution for cosy offices or small studying areas. This is a mid-century piece with a modern approach. Allie adds style and glamour to your working days.


78.74w x 31.50d x 29.53h
62.21w x 24.41d x 29.53h



Desk made of wood with a leather top and metal legs

12 different combinations of woods, leather and metal finishes to choose from

Material Options:

  • Combination 1 - Berlin Ebony leather/Smoked Oak matte wood/Gold matte metal
  • Combination 2 - Berlin Ash leather/Smoked Oak matte wood/Black iron matte metal
  • Combination 3 - Seoul Borgogna leather/Smoked Oak matte wood/Copper matte metal
  • Combination 4 - Berlin Anthracite leather/SmokedEucalyptus matte wood/Gold matte metal
  • Combination 5 - Berlin Ash leather/Smoked Eucalyptus matte wood/Brushed metal
  • Combination 6 - Soul Praline leather/Smoked Eucalyptus matte wood /Copper matte metal
  • Combination 7 - Seoul Borgogna leather/Santos Rosewood glossy wood/Copper matte metal
  • Combination 8 - Berlin Black leather/Santos Rosewood glossy wood/Brushed metal
  • Combination 9 - Berlin Ocean leather top/Santos Rosewood glossy wood/Black iron metal
  • Combination 10 - Moscow Blue leather/Walnut matte base wood/Black iron metal
  • Combination 11 - Berlin Ash leather/Walnut matte base wood/Brushed metal
  • Combination 12 - Berlin Anthracite leather/Walnut matte wood/Gold matte metal

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